This is a followup to a question I asked on meta.stackoverflow.com. The gist of it is that I believed the sequence .@ should notify a user, while as the accepted answer indicated, it should not.

What threw me off, and others as indicated by comments on that post, is that the auto-complete for a user handle (that one that pops up when we append characters to a @) is still getting activated.

So I could type .@ and get suggestions for the handles of users who commented on the post. But naturally, they would not be notified. It's a slight case of false advertisement on the UI part. It happens across the network (I checked) and not restricted to a dot. Auto-completion pops up regardless of what appears before the @.

So I think this warrants this bug report. If the @ is not going to be a user reply, there should not be auto-suggestions for user handles popping up.


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