These screenshots were taken while editing posts:

Graphic Design

As you can see, tags are not centered vertically.

This only happens when I have full edit privileges (or the ability to retag inline) and I am editing without being directed to another page.

When I don't have that privilege, (or when I am editing on a new page, including while initially composing a question), the bug isn't present:


  • I am using Chrome (Mac)
  • Sonic was able to reproduce this in Edge
  • ɪʙᴜɢ was able to reproduce this in Chrome 64 on Windows 10

See also: Margins off on tag edits


Confirmed in chrome too. Perhaps there was a change to the structure of the html. At present it sits with a span wrapping several other spans.

It would seem that by default spans get the rule vertical-align: baseline, which as a result causes the tags (which are spans) to end up sitting at the bottom of that space.

There is an existing css rule for .tag-editor .rendered-element which contains margin: -3px 3px 0;. Adding vertical-align: middle to this rule will fix this bug without having to trudge through changing any larger global rules.

.tag-editor .rendered-element {
    margin: -3px 3px 0;
    vertical-align: middle;
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