I noticed a minor inconsistency in the 2017-12 Stack Exchange data dump.

In the Posts.xml files, the tags for posts are stored in the Tags attribute, each surrounded by <>:

<row Id="307517" ... Tags="&lt;bug&gt;&lt;data-dump&gt;" ... />

In the dump for rus.stackexchange.com, many (but not all) posts contain tags without the surrounding <>. For example post id 1:

<row Id="1" PostTypeId="1" AcceptedAnswerId="2" CreationDate="2011-12-13T11:43:33.163" Score="5" ViewCount="41197" Body="&lt;p&gt;В текстах встречается и та, и другая форма написания слова: и &quot;вперемеШку&quot;, и &quot;вперемеЖку&quot;. Как же все-таки правильно?&lt;/p&gt;" OwnerUserId="3" LastEditorUserId="141" LastEditDate="2012-11-17T03:56:29.930" LastActivityDate="2016-11-16T18:15:51.317" Title="&quot;ВперемеШку&quot; или &quot;вперемеЖку&quot;?" Tags="орфография" AnswerCount="4" CommentCount="0" />

The effect is not specific to the tag names, there are also posts with correct Tags="&lt;орфография&gt;" (for example post id 8).

The dump for ru.stackoverflow.com also contains two such posts, ids 372208 and 412684.

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