So I raised a sock and ran a testing bot on it. Here's the start of the testing series.

After some testing, I found out that SE is inserting invisible characters \u200c\u200b every 80 continuous characters (continuous = not separated by space/tab/newline) in the Markdown source. This has confused quite some bots already and generated some work for bot developers to fix their parsing of messages.

Furthermore, the line breaking implementation is wrong........

You see, on my phone it's line-broken wrongly, and my bot showed me what the "rendered" text is:


The source code I used in my bot is rather simple:

@command(str, whole_msg=True)
def whatis(msg, body):
    return '`' + repr(body) + '`'

Can we stop creating line breaks this way? This would better be implemented by CSS.

This has caused some trouble for once more: This message was gracefully broken:



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This is fixed. My last commit to the Stack Overflow codebase before I temporarily left two months ago was to change the CSS so it prevents the unwanted overflow, eliminating the need for these characters.

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