I have a StackExchange email/password login, but I'm logged in via OpenID. (I assume the same thing happens if you're logged in via Google or Facebook, but I don't know that for sure.)

Because OpenID support is ending, and the instructions on that question link me to the login-add page to create new credentials, that's what I do. There's a larger problem that the right thing to do is not discoverable, but this is about a specific bug that comes up along the way.

I get a form that looks like this:


Notice that there's no "confirm password" entry in the form.

But it still looks like it's asking for desired email and password for a new login. Maybe it'll ask me to confirm the password on the next page?

So, I fill in my desired email and password and click the button… and I get an error popup telling me that my email and password are incorrect.

As far as I can tell, what's going on is that, despite being part of an add-login form and being submitted via a button labeled Add Login, it's trying to validate my existing email/password login, not add a new one.

I'm not sure what should happen on this page if I already have an email/password login.

Maybe it should just have the email/password section greyed out, with a message telling me I already have an email/password login associated with this account (maybe with an account-recovery link).

Or maybe it should give say that I already have an email/password login and ask me if I want to change my password (as in password-reset) (and again maybe with an account-recovery link).

Or maybe it should actually allow me to add a new email/password login. I think the site supports multiple such logins (if you ask for two accounts to be merged?). I don't think most users want that, and it might be more confusing than helpful, but what do I know?

The one thing it shouldn't do is what it actually does.

  • @ABochur It's not a dup. I created both questions, and explicitly linked them to each other. The other one is a support question about how I'm supposed to reset my password (the answer is account-recovery, although I don't know why Adam only answered in a comment instead of an answer I can accept), while this one is a bug question about the form being broken. – abarnert Mar 13 at 22:08

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