Before marking this as duplicated, I did find a couple of questions with the same question, but they were back in 2012 and were marked as solved.

I've been getting multiple emails for my tags subscriptions:

Enter image description here

This is the question on that email.

And this is the emails list:

Enter image description here

I've also yesterday received a notification on my email for another question, but it was just one email. I also went to check if I had any duplicated subscriptions, and nope.

What I did

  1. Find a tag you want subscribe
  2. Hover the tag
  3. Click Subscribe
  4. Accept it on your email
  5. Change the check time to 15 minutes
  6. Wait
  • Same problem here. I get duplicates about 50 minutes apart - often after I have already answered the question! For me this started happening about 6 months ago; I get about 2-5 duplicates per day. – Synchro Jan 28 at 20:53

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