On some sites of network page "Reduce Ads" is not shown on the list (~/help/privileges) page. Also page with privilege (~/help/privileges/reduced-ads) is absent and redirects me to privilege list (~/help/privileges) page. Also you can't track this privilege in user profile.

But privilege is working when site has ads. If you get 200 reputation on such sites you'll get reduced ads.

List of technology sites with issue (where site have ads and no "Reduce Ads" privilege)

List of technology sites without ads and privilege

List of technology sites with privilege and ads

So sites in first list should be tweaked either

  • to remove ads at all and look like second list
  • or add this privilege to be like ones in third list.
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    We already had same issue on ruSO. Seems it should be fixed on each site separately. Mar 27, 2018 at 8:12

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I've gone through and turned that privilege on for all sites where we show display ads from DFP. Thanks for bringing it up, I'll make sure that the privilege is double-checked as part of the process for enabling ads on new sites in the future.


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