I feel like someone made a comment as an answer on a question with a bounty just so they could reap the "auto bounty" since they are the only answer on it.

I've flagged the bad/useless answer (as a non-answer) for moderator review but the bounty will be assigned automatically in less than 24hrs and I feel like this guy/gal is just trying to cheat the system.

All I'm trying to do is ensure the bounty simply expires and the guy/gal that was trying to cheat the system by putting down a useless guess doesn't get it.

I've answered my own question (properly) and marked it as the accepted answer, not sure if that makes a difference though in this person still cheating the system since I'm the OP and created the accepted answer.

Here is the post: Docker Private Registry - Deleted all images, but still showing in catalog


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As long as it's below +2 no automatic bounty will be awarded. If you're fine with the reputation going to /dev/null... Since that answer is at zero, you need do nothing. You cannot explicitly award the bounty to no one but here the answer has not met the minimum criteria


Just a note, it's actually a common problem I see, where (usually new) users will post (crappy) answers to almost ending bounties with no other answers in hopes of getting the bounty.

As Journeyman mentioned, they need to also have a >2 score for the auto-bounty to kick in.

They obviously don't understand the auto-bounty system.

But all that's probably another issue to be discussed.

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    There was once a case where a user created a sock puppet to post an answer, awarded the bounty to that answer, and deleted the answer and sock puppet, in an edge case where the top-voted answer didn't work and he didn't want to award it the bounty. Apr 10, 2018 at 8:19

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