If an answer-banned user tries to use the contact form, they are supposed to select "My question or answer was denied". Doing so brings up text that speaks exclusively of question bans:

Users who are banned from asking questions see the following error message when trying to post a new question:

We are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. Stack Exchange cannot lift question bans by request.

The only way to end a posting ban is to positively contribute to the site; automatic bans never expire or “time out“. Visit our help page for more details.

Both the link "our help page" and the button "Get more details" link to question bans article. There is no link to answer bans page.

There is a link there at the very end of "question bans" page, but why would one read the entire text of "question bans" if that is not their problem?

  • There should be two options: one for a question being denied, and one for an answer being denied. – kiamlaluno Apr 29 '18 at 17:58

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