I was just reading through the arbitration clause (sec. 10b) of the new Terms of Service (related MSE announcement) and saw two references to "JAMS INC."

That name is never explained in the document itself, but the top result I get for a search on "JAMS INC arbitration" is this arbitration company. Is that the JAMS to which the ToS refers? (I can't imagine the answer is "no", but I just want to be clear.)

And of greater interest, how/why did the company choose JAMS rather than, say, the American Arbitration Association (an organization mentioned in the Terms as a backup option) or another competitor? I'm not endorsing or complaining about anyone here, I simply want to understand the thought process. And I want to give the company every opportunity to put itself in a better light before I make a final decision on how I feel about this.



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