The contents of deleted spam/rude/abusive questions (like this one on Stack Overflow – visible only for >= 10K users) is hidden behind an extra link:

enter image description here

However, in the mobile web view, the original full content is visible:

enter image description here

This can be observed with mobile browsers (in my case, Mobile Safari on an iPhone), and also by switching to the mobile view in the desktop browser (with the Mobile button at the bottom of the page).

The same behavior was observed on Code Review (e.g. here), so it is not a problem specific to Stack Overflow.

This happens only with questions, not with answers: The contents of deleted spam answers is hidden in both the “full site” view and the “mobile” view.


               |   full view     mobile view
spam question  |    hidden        VISIBLE
spam answer    |    hidden        hidden

I would expect the contents of spam questions in the mobile view to be hidden as well.

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