The tag is one of the default tags which are automatically imported to a local meta when a new site is created. (And cannot be removed, even if they are not used in any questions.)

However, as you can see on this site it is a synonym of (favorite tags). (Which probably was not the case at the time when the set of default tags were selected.) And I guess most users know this feature under the name favorite tags rather than interesting tags.

As a result on most local metas this tag either remain unused of is used in entirely different meaning - obviously it was intended as a tag for questions about . You can check for yourself on the meta sites you frequent, or you can even browse a few local metas if you want to check that this is indeed the case.

For already existing sites, there is probably not much that can be done about this. (Perhaps developers or members of the SE team could be able to tell whether it is possible to change this also retroactively.)

But I would suggest that at least in the future when a new site is created, meta should be populated with (favorite-tags) in the selection of default tags.

TL;DR: My proposal is to replace by in the selection of default tags that are added to every newly created local meta.


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I'm sure if we waited a bit longer, we could redesign/rename that feature at least one more time. :)

Alas. We removed from the list of default tags created on new meta sites since it's been years since it was relevant, and there's no particularly strong evidence for being relevant either.

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