It's generally accepted the Stack Exchange has 173 sites. It's shown in the login page, stackexchange.com, and in the Site Tour. For example (from the Meta Site Tour):

Meta Stack Exchange is part of the StackExchange(R) network of 173 Q&A communities.

However, the tooltip from mousing over the sites list reads:

A list of all 174 Stack Exchange sites

Since it has the wrong number (compared to everything else), shouldn't the tooltip be modified to read 173, not 174?

EDIT: I clicked on the Stack Exchange logo while using SuperUser and got this: 174 Q&A sites It says "174 Q&A communities".


Area 51 in the site drop down

Area 51 is not a "Q&A community" per se, although I guess the Discussion site technically qualifies…but it's still a Stack Exchange site, so 173 + 1

In the stackexchange.com site list it's given a mention in the footer instead of being listed along with the other sites.


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