I see wrong dates for comments in the Triage review queue. The question is asked 29 minutes ago (today), but the comments are dated 24 May.

Please check the attached image.


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You have a good pair of eyes. The 'bug' here isn't a bug. It is a review audit, and you passed:

Review audit passed 35 secs ago:

I guess the system updates some information on the post in order to hide it is a review audit. In this case, it worked as designed: you paid attention, you pass.

See the original question where the dates are more realistic.


The question isn't asked 29 minutes ago, it's in fact a much older question used as a review audit. Those will appear as new questions. The comments actually give away that it's a review audit; I've posted a feature request for the comments to be re-dated as well.


This is a review audit. As such, it displays a fake timestamp to prevent people from identifying it as a review audit immediately.

By looking through the question's comments, you've signified that you're paying attention to posts, and aren't a mindless robo-reviewer.

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