This request is similar to Where can I see which comments I have flagged?. Instead, in this case, I wish to get the permanent URL of exactly which comments I had flagged. You can find your old, declined comment flags on https://SITE.stackexchange.com/users/flag-summary/USERID?group=4&status=3.

The previous request apparently got resolved by this answer:

You can't. Comments are ephemeral. Once they've been deleted, only moderators can view them, and not even simply at that.

However, I am just asking for the permanent URL of the comment, not for the text of the comment. If I am browsing through my flagging history - say a month later - I would want to be able to know which comments I had flagged that got declined. If a month later, that comment exists, great! If not, I would sadly move on.

I know that currently the way to do so is to click on the grey flag icon - one by one for every comment below that post - and it would show "You have already raised this type of flag" for the comment I had flagged. It works, but it isn't really ideal.

A simple way I think would be to just make the "declined" text to be a permalink to the comment:

example entry in flag summary


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