There is a question that I would like to ask pertaining to another SE site (mechanics namely, and a burninate request in particular), but I have been unable to find a meta site for this (like meta.se or meta.so).

So, would asking a question (that would be off-topic for the primary site in question), on meta.se (here) be appropriate?

If not, where would be good for them to go?


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(Almost)* every site has its own 'child Meta'; for Mechanics it's https://mechanics.meta.stackexchange.com/. The child meta is also mentioned (and sort of linked to) in the Help Center article What is "meta"? How does it work?.

You can reach Meta via the hamburger menu (as mentioned by @rene): enter image description here or via the Feedback link in the footer (as mentioned by @ShadowWizard): enter image description here

*: as Nathan Tuggy mentions, some exceptional sites like Meta Stack Exchange itself and Stack Apps are more or less their own Metas.


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