I want to follow a question (with a bookmark of some sort), but there doesn't appear to be any way to do so in the Android app.

There is a favourite button, but once you add a question as a favourite there doesn't appear to be any way to view your favourite questions within the app. If there is a way, and I'm not finding it, then it needs to be made more visible. For example, a "Favourite Questions" item in the main menu.

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  • Two totally different feature requests here. First of all, please separate them into separate questions. – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Jun 24 '18 at 12:05
  • Bookmarking is already supported, so please remove this part and keep the part about too short error duration. – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Jun 24 '18 at 12:06
  • Sorry, I didn't even realise this would get posted as a question. I simply clicked on the Feedback link within the app, and selected 'Feature request'. It was unclear that this was going to get posted as a question for users to scrutinise - so that itself is also some more feedback on using the app. However, I will edit my above question with more details. – Andy Jun 24 '18 at 23:32
  • Yeah, it's not trivial, but that's just how it works. As for list of favorites you're correct, it's not available easily, but there is a workaround as described in the answer to the dupe question. – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Jun 25 '18 at 6:42

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