Just got a message on careers, but the employer didn't include any contact information they simply said:

Interested? Reply to this message and send over a coding sample.

I clicked 'interested'. but unless I'm missing something I can't reply directly through the careers site. I looked around and I can't find any way to contact the employer.

Is this a bug? An omission? and how can I have someone @stackoverflow let this employer know about the problem.


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Other way around. They're supposed to contact you -- they are emailed your mailing address when you click "I'm Interested".

Although it is odd for them not to include any contact information in their message. We're thinking of putting a "JOEL'S PRO TIPS" help section for the employers next to the message composition box.

Edit: we now have quite a bit of help text next to the employer message composition box -- and it is possible in your response to enter a message back to the employer, such as, "WTF?" (if necessary)

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    Ok, that answers the question. But I think it needs to be made obvious that this is happening when I click "I'm interested". Perhaps a message like: "You responded you were interested in this message. We have sent your contact information to the employer, they should be in touch with you shortly"
    – user138872
    Nov 28, 2009 at 14:44

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