I've noticed from time to time that when a user is removed from the system that I'll receive a -10. However if I'm over the 200/day cap and this happens, any further upvotes do not count.


This seems like a bug, where another of the skipped upvotes would now be counted?


You're looking at the wrong day for votes that should be realculated to count. The vote that was invalidated due to a removed user did not necessary get cast that day. It's much more likely that a vote was invalidated from some other day in your past, and the removal is only shown today for accounting purposes.

If you were capped on the day that vote was cast, then yes, another vote would be recalculated to give you the 10 reputation lost from that vote disappearing. Also keep in mind that the system doesn't recalculate your reputation every time a vote is cast, so even if the vote that was invalidated was from the same day, you wouldn't get the reputation moved to another vote until you were scheduled for another full recalculation.

  • That's kind of what I suspected but wanted to double check, thanks for taking the time to explain this.
    – slm
    Jul 14 '18 at 1:06

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