Currently, when moderator tools are visible it pushes down the comments section:

Current beta site answer layout

That's a lot of unused white space--kind of unsightly and it makes you scroll further for comments.

Could we get a tighter layout like this?

Proposed beta site answer layout

Edited to note that this also applies to questions, such as here.

This doesn't seem to have been addressed in the recent design overhaul.

UPDATE 8/27/2020: This still hasn't been fixed in the latest post formatting update, though the unsightly new line spacing makes it less noticeable.

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    If it helps, it looks like adding "grid-row: span 2" to .votecell would make this happen without borking anything else in the design--haven't extensively tested, though. – called2voyage Jul 19 '18 at 18:53
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    The userscript that preceded the built-in mod tools behaved as you're requesting, and I never noticed problems in the ~2 years I used it. The tools in the margin won't overlap the comment text, so it's safe to move the comments up. – Monica Cellio Oct 3 '18 at 18:28

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