I am a native English speaker, but have learned Russian (and Spanish) well enough to converse in-person, read, do basic writing, and read Stack Overflow na russkom. When I am logged into my account in English, is there some quick way I can click a link or tab to switch to Stack Overflow na russkom and search among questions and posts there?

My accounts seem to be linked, but I wish there were a quicker, easier way to switch between the two.

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    Browser tabs? Do you have the two sites in "your communities" (right-most icon in the black top bar)? – Catija Jul 21 '18 at 0:45
  • Oh yes, I have "Current Communities", and then "Your Communities", and it is there. Thank you very much. – Matthew Divertie Jul 21 '18 at 1:45

As Catija already mentioned in the comment you always have a quick way to change the current community via top bar popup:


More over if your browser "accept-language" option contains a Russian language you will see a special text block on some questions on Stack Overflow in English. For instance, here:

on ruSO too

Clicking the link in that block will redirect you to the same question on Stack Overflow in Russian.

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