I would imagine this is a fairly common situation, but I haven't found it discussed:

  1. I vote to close a question as a duplicate of a specific other question.
  2. The asker edits the question so that it's no longer a duplicate of the question I chose.
  3. I retract my vote.
  4. The edited question is a duplicate of a different question.
  5. I can't vote to close because I already voted and retracted.

If I know right away that the edited question is a duplicate of a different question, how can I switch the question that it's a duplicate of without retracting my vote?

There should be a way to this because otherwise I have to keep my vote for a question that the current question is not a duplicate of, or I have to retract my vote and lose the ability to vote that the question really is a duplicate (of some other question).

Is there a way to do this, and if not can we create a way to do it?

Example from today:

I voted to close this question on Mi Yodeya as a duplicate. The question was then edited and I retracted my close vote. In the comment there (I can't guarantee how long it will still be there) I pointed out that it might be a duplicate of a different question, but I was unable to cast a close vote.