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I just began an answer with

Ha, I just ran into this myself!

but it would come out as

I just ran into this myself!

and an edit would not help.

Now I see how that beginning of an answer is not strictly adding to its content value, but it seems like it does not hurt and – especially with regard to the recent push for more friendliness on SE – make the user experience a bit more … natural. Maybe the software is a bit too eager with manual editing of posts?

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You seem already to have provided evidence that "Ha, " is being removed.

I don't know what came next in your answer but I would always prefer to see an answer begin with:

<start of answer meat>

rather than:

Ha, I just ran into this myself!
<start of answer meat>

To me "Ha, " is definitely chit chat, and all of "Ha, I just ran into this myself!" may be too.

When I visit an answer, the sooner the answerer starts providing the meat of the answer, the sooner I can decide whether the answer provided will answer the question that I came looking for an answer to. I assume that an answerer will usually be familiar with the issue of a question that they are answering, so learning that that had run into it recently will normally add little.

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