There is a Stack Exchange site called "Software Recommendations".

Since we are living in a cloud world full of services for every aspect of live: do we need a new Stack Exchange site called "cloud recommendations" or "service recommendations"?

Topics in that site could be about:

  • Is there a cloud service that...
  • How to combine Cloud services A and B?
  • Which free services can I use in order to do...
  • Condiguration recommendations for cloud services?
  • API vs UI
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    New sites are proposed on area51 – Robert Longson Jul 24 '18 at 8:43

After Software Recommendations and Hardware Recommendations, it was decided not to have more "Recommendations" SE sites for the foreseeable future.

I don't think "Cloud Recommendations" would work in the SE model, which is aimed at providing answers that will remain useful for a long time. The properties of cloud services can be changed at any time, at the desire of the company that offers the cloud service. This makes lasting answers a difficult proposition.

If you really want to try, you could go to Area 51 and propose such a site. But I doubt it'll fly, for the reasons mentioned above.

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