I have some messages I'd like to move to the chat moderation Trashcan. Some of them were left by a chat user who is now deleted. However I cannot move those messages: I can select them to go through the message relocation process, but at the end instead of them getting moved... nothing happens at all. Chat doesn't even give me an error message.

I can still delete them, but I can't move them, and I'd rather move them than leave a tower of (removed) behind. This occurs even with all my userscripts and privacy addons disabled.

I do however I get the following 500 error in my network tab:

enter image description here

These network requests are: (1) after I hit the Room dropdown, (2) the room option list loading after I search for the room name I want to move the messages to, then (3) and (4) after I hit the "choose" button on the room I want. 302 is a POST then redirection to a page that gives me a 500.

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    I believe that moving comments to chat also fails if any commenter's account is deleted. This probably means the problem is at the "write" end, when the code tries to write a chat message and link it to a user. There's probably some "only actual users can post chat messages" logic impeding moves. – Monica Cellio Jul 29 '18 at 22:20

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