In the Top Questions and Top Answers sections of one’s network profile, the post scores are misaligned. For example:

Jon Skeet's network profile

Notice how the 1 in the 1046 line is in the same column as the 9 in the 938 line.

As observed in this earlier MSE post, columns of numbers should always be right- not left-aligned:

User Experience has a highly upvoted answer to a question about the alignment of numbers. The answer includes:

Left aligned numbers when listed below each other are a disaster and should be avoided. I can't think of a single case where this isn't true.

It is conceivable that when Mr Skeet’s top answer hits the ten-thousand mark, that the formatting may switch to something like 10.1k. But even there you can still vertically align the units column (or the decimal point). Plus his Accounts page suggests that this will not flip over:

Jon Skeet's Network Profile's Accounts page

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