I asked a Meta Stack Exchange question which references one or more questions on normal Stack Exchange sites. I want to make sure that people who are interested are able to find it, but at the same time I don't want to create spam or to appear to be self-promoting.

Is it OK to link to my Meta question from the comments of the linked questions? From other related questions?

(See also "Showing meta questions in the same manner as linked and related questions", which suggests making this partly automatic)

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    Comments are meant to indicate issues with the post and/or requests for clarification. In case of bug-reports (mathJax doesn't render, prettify is goofed up) I can imagine such links to be informational / useful but beyond that I don't see much value, or it must be for the occasional this question is discussed on meta. If your only goal is to bring more eyes to your meta contributions I would say this is not OK. Use the about me in your user profile to do that. – rene Aug 10 at 16:49

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