I opened the comment evaluator today and the very first comment was:

Have you had a solution already? I'm facing the same case as yours.

This is clearly not a "fine" comment, since it's unwanted (comments can be flagged for being "I'm having the same question" comments). However, it's also not "disrespectful or unfriendly" or even "abusive or harassment". So what do I click? None of the options fit.


The sole goal of the comment evaluator is to judge whether comments are unwelcoming or not. As such, relevance or being chatty aren't what we're looking for.

If a comment isn't rude or abusive or otherwise unfriendly, mark it as "fine". I know that, as someone who removes many obsolete comments, mentally adjusting to this was a challenge for me too. Keeping in mind the goal of the evaluator, though, helped me adjust to it.

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  • So, rate them as "fine" and flag as "It's no longer needed." to get it in the appropriate moderator queue? – Mast Aug 18 '18 at 13:24
  • 4
    There's no link from the evaluator to the site, so hunting it up on SO to flag it would take some work. – Catija Aug 18 '18 at 13:26

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