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In child meta-s, we often try to get community consensus about certain policy or rule by asking a question.

But let's say that, the OP (which can be a Mod also) accepts an answer which satisfies their query. But community members may have upvoted other answers more than the accepted one.
What does such "acceptance" mean in a meta site?

[Note: I could find following post which relates to my query:
When do you accept an answer on meta?
The accepted answer suggests that, it's not expected to accept an answer when there is a tag ]

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Child metas are odd. It simply means the OP preferred that answer.

While in theory, a lot of the time rules are by community consensus, sometimes certain answers are more correct, match SE rules or simply be better somehow.

If its a moderator, it may be a reflection of the current moderation policy, but it really depends on the broader context of the post.

On the other hand, a more popular, and selected answer may end up getting ignored if a mod posts an answer laying out current moderation policy.

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