Earlier today I saw the New Contributor indicator attached to a user who had 2,700 reputation and had been a member of the site for over 2 years. When I went to leave a comment, I saw a banner of “(User) is a new contributor. Be nice, and check out our Code of Conduct.” above the comment.

This was very confusing until I realised what was going on: this occurred on our per-site meta, and this was the first day the user had contributed to our site's meta.

Could the indicator & banner be updated on meta sites to make it clear it's not just being buggy?

  • Update the “New Contributor” indicator to say “New Contributor to Meta” or “New Meta Contributor”
  • Update the comment/answer banner to say “(User) is a new contributor to this meta. Be nice, and check our Code of Conduct.”

(Text bolded just for the sake of this feature request; don't have it bolded in the released version.)



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