I received the invitation to participate in the Comment Evaluator today. In the body of the email, there was a mention of:

How much time are you asking me to commit?

We're asking for participants to invest 1 hour, split into however many sessions you want. Don’t plan to work longer than 20 minutes on this task at one sitting. If you want to do more than one hour total you are encouraged to do so! If you do less than one hour, we may not be able to use your data.

I went on my way, thinking that perhaps there would be a point at which the system would stop me, let me take a breather, let me know that I could save progress, etc. Alas, by the time I realized the depth to which I had been absorbed in the process, I was well over the recommended time for one session.

I understand that in life, there aren't always directions, and I don't mind self-pacing myself, but at a minimum it would have been nice to have something that indicated my progress was being saved, or a means to explicitly do so, in case of a browser crash, etc.

I realize it's kind of a "bare bones"-type application (on the surface), and I'm certainly not suggesting it should be all snazzy or overengineered, but having some indicators on the screen would have certainly made it a more intuitive experience for me.

(It probably goes without saying, but I'll mention it anyway: I also realize that this potential change would not benefit me, but would hopefully be helpful to future cohorts of the Evaluator)


My feeling too, it's a bit disconcerting to have no indication of whether I'm "nearly there yet".

I'm impressed by your perseverance, I lasted way less than you. It got boring because after I don't know how many pages I'd only seen maybe TWO comments that were borderline "not nice" - and that was possibly because I was getting bored of clicking just 'ok' all the time.

That aside, I find it soul-destroying to be labelling lots of comments as 'OK' when - despite the fact that they are not 'nasty', they are patently noise or adding zero value to the discussion. Couldn't we have a category of "not nasty, but not worth keeping either"?


I was expecting there to be some kind of timer for this, but in the end I figured out that it was just a never-ending flow of comment streams (and I often saw the same threads two or three times (and yes, I know this is intentional)).

Some people are better at speed-reading than others, so I'm sure there's a wide variation of reviews per person.

I'm guessing that there's quite a few people still stabbing at smileys and waiting in vain to be told to stop.

And I was promised bad language, but there was no bad language (only Regex and Angular).

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