Suppose we have a question like:

How to check if an object is a string in JavaScript?

Obviously, we should tag the question with the javascript tag.

But do we need that 'in JavaScript' part in the question title then?

It looks redundant, since tags seem to be the best mean to put a context of the question. I believe short, concise and key-wordish titles are more preferrable, so I'd rather make the title like this and let tags say the rest:

Check if object is string

Moreover, I noticed that often a question title in Google Search gets automatically prepended with the left-most SO tag text like this:

javascript: How to check if an object is a string in JavaScript?

Which makes the 'in JavaScript' part even more questionable.

Could someone clarify this or point me to a question asking guidelines on this, if any?


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As it was already answered here (thanks @Jenayah for pointing me to this), we absolutely do NOT need to add tags text to a question title.

So, the following titles should be avoided:

  • [tag]: [question title]
  • [question title] -- [tag] [tag] [tag]
  • [question title] in [tag]
  • [tag] [tag] [question title] [tag] [tag] [tag]
  • [tag] [tag] [tag] [tag] [tag] [tag] [tag] [tag]

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