Recently I was digging through old questions on DBA.SE in a quest to possibly revive and/or flag old questions that had received no TLC at all.

I was initially using the following search terms:

  • is:question
  • answers:0
  • votes:0

Then I found out that some questions had at least received a comment, so they weren't totally without TLC.

I thought there might be an option to filter on questions that didn't have any TLC at all (without even a comment) and typed in hascomment:no.

That didn't seem to work so I went and had a look at the documentation. No luck, there doesn't seem to be an option to search for commented posts.

Feature Request

Could we implement a hascomment:[0-n] option?

It probably would be as simple as adding an additional search predicate to the already existing search statement:

...AND p.CommentCount = 0

An example of a search on DBA.SE can be found via Select Questions Without Upvotes, Answers or Comments (Stack Exchange Data Explorer).

Thank you for considering my proposal.

  • Another option would be looking for Tumbleweeds; of course, questions might have received votes/answers/comments after being awarded the badge. And the badge can be earned only once per user. – Glorfindel Sep 10 '18 at 14:18
  • @Glorfindel Yes, that was worth considering, but having a nice search option hascomment:[0-n] would help search for questions/answers with or without comments in a broader sense. I guess hascomment:[<|>][0-n] might be even better. – John aka hot2use Sep 11 '18 at 11:51

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