We have this post about changes that were applied: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange.

But I didn't find any convenient ways to check which tasks SE devs are working on right now.

Only has some abstract tasks/plans without any dates.

I've found a lot of important questions from other members, which were ignored, like mine about localization (How localized sites could translate strings before update actually rolled out?).

No comments, no deadlines, nothing. It discourages the desire to write anything at all.

Even small fixes "Alignment issue for the review stats page", or an important question about mod tools "Moderator tools design issues and inconsistencies"...

Could you create a public roadmap page or trello dashboard, or Gantt chart with current dev team tasks/plans?


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2018 monthly product team updates is the best place to check for what we are focused on for any given month. (And, I need to write this month's update.)


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