I love the "Hide Communities" feature. Its official definition is (emphasis mine):

Hiding a community means other users will not see it in your Communities list or Top Network Posts.

The "Communities list" part works, but the "Top Network Posts" can be interpreted in two ways; the widget visible on each site profile (where they're hidden) and the 'top' tab of the network profile (where they aren't). Please hide them there as well.


I have Worldbuilding as "hidden" in my Settings' "Hide Communities":

enter image description here

... but it still shows up in my Top Network Posts page, even when not logged in:

a post from Worldbuilding in the Top Network Posts list

Note: Not a duplicate; actually the only answerer there asked me to post this question. Also note that while the existing bug report was marked as by design, this is a feature request to change the design.


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Behavior that exposes hidden communities has been complained about as a bug many times over the years. Some issues have been addressed, and some are "by design". Even if this particular request doesn't gain any traction, I think there is some support for either making the "Hide Community" feature more robust, or for expressing its limitations more clearly.

Here's an (incomplete) list just to illustrate:

Top posts taken from hidden communities

Why are my hidden communities visible under the 'top', 'reputation' and 'activity' tabs on the Network Profile page?

Text in Hide Communities page is misleading

"Hidden Profiles" still shown in Network Profile Top Posts list

Aren't you exposing our hidden communities when we earn hats on those communities?

Hidden profiles are not hidden at all

Reputation still showing for hidden communities on network profile

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