I am quite confused by this sitution. At the time that I am writing, it states that:

  • Review completed 9 hours ago:; two lines below, it says that a certain user “reviewed this 9 hours ago”.

  • However, between those two lines, it says that that another user reviewed the answer a few minutes ago.

How can someone review a Late Answer hours after the review was completed?


A situation like this could happen as follows:

  • User A visits the Late Answers review queue and gets this item for reviewing.
  • They do not review it yet, but leave the browser window open, and let the computer go to sleep.
  • After 5 minutes, the item appears in the review queue again.
  • This time, User B reviews the item.
  • Several hours later, User A opens their computer again, and completes the review.
  • Now you have two reviews on the same Late Answers review task.

Sometimes, the later review doesn't get registered; there might be some checks in place. But I've seen this happen more often.


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