I recently starred a message, but my star was cleared by a room owner. I attempted to star it again, but the system (rightfully) prevented me from doing so. However, the error message I got when I attempted to re-star that message was:

It is too late to undo this operation

This error message is extremely confusing. It seems as though the system thinks I'm trying to undo my old star, which is (of course) too late to undo. But my star was already undone by an RO; I'm trying to redo it.

Can this error message please be made more clear? Here's an example:

Your previous star on this message has been cleared; you cannot star it again

Update: It looks like there is a more explicit message that shows up when one attempts to re-star a message where their previous star was cleared by a room owner, but it only shows up if the re-star attempt happens just after the original star, during the period when the user can normally undo it. However, after that period, apparently the "too late" message takes precedence over it. Thus, this is more of a bug.

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