It seems that the Impact space has gotten larger and the Badges space narrower. In my opinion, this looks rather uncomfortable to me as there is that really unnecessary gray space.

enter image description here

Also, the X-axis of the reputation graph is broken:

X axis clumped together on left

Can this please be fixed?

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    Whitespaces seem to be the new estetic. Can't say I'm a fan, but it is a consistent direction. – Mureinik Sep 28 at 20:23
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    @Mureinik Or, you know... it could just be a bug. ;) – Catija Sep 28 at 21:47
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    I could reproduce this on Brave 0.24.0, Windows 10. – Chair Sep 29 at 11:11
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    I'm also seeing this on Edge 44, Win 10 (Oct 18 update). – Troyen Oct 11 at 22:36

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