When someone leaves a comment to any of my posts, or employs @Alex, I get an inbox notification showing me the comment.

When someone responds to me in Chat I also get an inbox notification showing me the comment.

However, in the former case the notification shows the comment, including the @Alex, but without showing who left the comment; in the latter case, on the other hand, it shows me the comment, as well as who left the comment, but not the @Alex.

Is there a reason why the notification system is different for a post comments and Chat comments?

Here is a screenshot of my inbox where you can see the difference:

Screenshot of inbox

I don't particularly care that it's different; I am just wondering out of curiosity.


Well, you don't see the username in the chat reply because the '@Alex' you see isn't part of the chat message; it's just rendered that way by the chat client. (I think that if you would change your username, it would change the mention to match your new username.)

If you get pinged out of the blue, your username is shown:

enter image description here

The comment in your example includes @Alex in its text, so it's shown verbatim in your inbox. There is no logic to strip it, because you can also be notified within a grammatically correct sentence, or with something like (cc @Alex).

It looks like notifications from the Q&A site never show who caused them. I don't know if this is a deliberate choice, but it nicely echoes the maxim 'the content itself is more important than who wrote it'. I agree that I sometimes (but not always) wish it would be shown.

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