It's been said already that due to the age of Area 51's code base, it will not be affected by the upcoming design changes. However, the Area 51 Discussions site runs on a more modern code base, the same one that powers the rest of the sites.

However, I noticed that in the tracking post, it's not listed as a remaining site. Are there plans on giving it a responsive design, or will it continue to run with the original design even after all the responsive designs fully roll out?

Please note that this isn't a request asking that it get a responsive design; this is a neutral question.

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    uh... if aliens think we were improved than them, they may stop coming to A51 – Optimus Prime Sep 30 '18 at 14:37

Yep. It's coming up - last but not forgotten.

It's on the same base as the rest of the network other than Area 51 itself, so it's getting an update. It's important to note that - as you say, Area 51 is a special case and will not be updated in this process.

It's been added to the tracking post and should be updated sometime soon.

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