Thank you for your work. In mathoverflow in order to search for the newest unanswered questions one has to add "answers:0" in the search bar.

My suggestion is to give us the option in which chronological order to have the unanswered questions presented. For example, on the bar when clicking the "unanswered" tab presenting us with the further options of "newest to oldest" and "oldest to newest". Because especially in math, most old questions that remain unanswered, are in fact open problems that have been looked at hundreds of times. So it is more beneficial to have the quick option to see questions from a certain period or the newest ones.

In general I agree in adding more options as buttons rather than having to add long lines of code in our search bar for the more intricate options. For example, similar to google's "Tools", creating an advanced search tab containing many options to choose from.


The problem you're having will be solved with custom question lists.

Custom question list:

Filters include "No answers"

Sort includes "Newest"

Saved custom question list:

You can save a view with sort, filter, and tag options

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