In this suggested edit the "rendered output" tab shows two words changed: "Can" and "mysterious", but in the "markdown" tab shows the addition of only a <br> tag.

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So how did the "rendered output" think those words were changed?


The <br> is adjacent to the word 'Can', and since it can't really display a difference of a whitespace.

For 'mysterious', it's vice versa; I think the author of the edit put an Enter before that word (that's why it starts on a new line in the markdown diff).


In order for you to see anything, highlighting needs to highlight glyphs. The "Can" is now preceded by <br> and "mysterious" has a line break next to it.

There's no good way to highlight line breaks otherwise as they don't really have any width. It's a little easier to see in the markdown view where you can see the <br> but even there you have to infer the presence of the line break next to "mysterious".

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