As of very recently, pluralization bugs have appeared in the system. I could have sworn that these used to look correctly; it seems like a very recent change has caused this bug.

When someone posts a comment, and it's loaded in someone else's browser by the heartbeat, it used to properly show "show 1 more comment", but it now shows "show 1 more comments".

show 1 more comments

Also, when someone posts a new answer, it used to show "1 new answer to this question", but now it shows "1 new answers to this question". I don't have a screenshot for this, but I could have sworn it used to display correctly earlier.

Is this a side effect of the recent change that caused server errors on Stack Overflow?


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Can't reproduce:

show 1 more comment

1 new answer to this question

  • How is your machine showing a pipe symbol between "add a comment" and "show [x] more comments"? Commented Oct 5, 2018 at 19:56

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