In all the per site metas, on the Activity tab - REPUTATION section, the reputation score is displayed with the background color: #eff0f1. So it looks like the "top n% period" link is (200+ reputation sites only) displaying without the proper margin.

When inspecting the element of the div, CSS class bg-black-050 contains the background color, that caused the display issue. The same class is not applied in the main sites.

Can be the bg-black-050 be removed from the reputation DIV, or the "top n% period" added with a proper margin?

Screenshot from Meta Stack Overflow:



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The different background color on the meta profile rep has been removed, resolving this issue.

Why does meta rep
need a different highlight?
Answer: it doesn’t

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    We seem to have multiple differences in how many syllables we use when pronouncing things xD I love the haikus though! Jun 15, 2021 at 17:39

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