Since 2011, Stack Exchange use Imgur to handle pictures. If I personally have no problem with Imgur so far, some workplaces can have. Mine for example... Why a company would block it? Imgur is an online image sharing community and can be see as a complete social network like facebook, tumblr or twitter. Also, you can easily find NSFW content on Imgur...

I am not sure what could be a solution. Proxy, VPN, or else can be strictly forbidden. Two ideas:

Use another DNS from Imgur

See with Imgur to use another url. For example, http://i.stack.imgur.com/VB5JX.png could be http://i.stack.progur.com/VB5JX.png or http://i.stack.imgurpro.com/VB5JX.png. This move the problem to the side of Imgur.

Switch from Imgur to another solution

It could be self-hosted or another more "professional" hoster. I am sure that if you come to use Imgur that because they offers a lot of benefits. So not really a solution...

I welcome any other ideas.

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