I would like to be able to, for example, prevent any edit with "minor spelling" in the description from bumping a very negatively scored question that was closed more than two years ago up my active list. I understand that we don't want to entirely prevent people from bumping questions with minor edits; I would just like the ability to filter "bumps" out of a view and still see older questions with significant activity.

I consider significant activity to be new answers, a significant number of new comments (10+?) or substantial edits to the question or one of its answers. I would not consider fixing typos or adjusting tags to be substantial edits, especially if the last activity by a real user (not Community) was more than a year ago.

I understand all of these parameters are a bit fuzzy, but if they are applied to a view that is in addition to the current "active" views, or a setting we can toggle in our user profile, I don't think that should be a problem. I would even be OK with not being able to adjust all the knobs that go into determining whether a post has "significant" activity, and would expect it to err on the side of showing too many questions.

Some might suggest an alternative would be to let me ignore activity from certain users who are making lots of (in my opinion) ill-advised edits, but I would still like to see significant activity from those users in my active questions view.

If actually filtering questions out of the "active" view is too extreme, maybe we could opt to "gray out" questions with activity that falls below a significance threshold, similar to they way ignored tags are displayed, so that I can tell at a glance that I want to scroll past them.

  • A prototype userscript could be built on top of /posts/{ids}/revisions to tune the algorithms, then a cleaned-up reimplementation could be put into the site codebase. – Nathan Tuggy Oct 11 '18 at 1:12

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