One of the most appreciable approach of Stack Exchange I like is giving opportunity to group of people to gather and build communities (passionate about specific area of expertise) as a part of Stack Exchange Network!

Many Area51 proposals are created per week and hardly few of them pass from definition phase (That's working as expected). However, I think averagely 1 site is started as a beta per every two months. And debate for graduating the site have been happening occasionally.

Stack Exchange network is network of 170+ sites and still growing! It would definitely be nice to grow for Stack Exchange. However one another side of coin is also coming in my mind that is maintenance and operating effort/cost Stack Exchange need to put for launching sites.

How much maintenance or operating effort /cost does Stack Exchange require to put for launching a site in first of all in beta phase? I assume there can be technical and database etc. Then what extra effort need for final launch (considering design independent)? I assume updating some features and moderator election; plus, community managers require to put some effort whenever any major change happens in site. And finally effort require for designing staff in designing the site.

I understand that it may not be possible to answer all the question but if some overview is provided, it would be useful for better understanding about feasible approach of Stack Exchange.

Some users worthlessly inquire or complain about why his/her proposal deleted/closed and why is my site not considered for graduation but I think they should understand the feasibility and usefulness or worthiness of launching the site.

  • I can't imagine the effort would raise much with a new site, given they have to operate SO as well which is huge (really huge) compared to most of the other sites in the network. Adding a site is just a new database and website in IIS, some dns entries and it's running. – rene Oct 10 '18 at 18:28
  • The biggest cost would be staff hours. But since the changes to the Area51 process there's only been one launched site. Who knows if there'll be another. – curiousdannii Oct 11 '18 at 23:51

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