Just a thought, I see that many questions arise with 'Blockchain' and to address that can we have separate community in the Stack Exchange network?

We do have a 'Bitcoin' community, can we make a Blockchain community in general?

If no, then please point me why we should avoid it?


When this question was asked, the answer was simple: despite its name, Bitcoin Stack Exchange used to accept questions about alternative blockchains, i.e. blockchains other than the ones being used for cryptocurrencies.

Example questions:

However, this is no longer the case, as @ThorkilVærge pointed out in a comment: Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin.

The time may be right to start a new Blockchain proposal on Area 51, as e.g. mentioned here on Area 51 Discussions by user @MaartenBodewes.


Your question notes:

We do have a 'Bitcoin' community,

and asks:

can we make a Blockchain community in general?

You could go to the Meta of the Bitcoin Stack Exchange and try to convince that community to re-brand as the Blockchain Stack Exchange, but I suspect the path of least resistance will be to simply ask your Blockchain questions at the Bitcoin Stack Exchange where @Glorfindel's answer notes that they are already on-topic.

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