Just a thought, I see that many questions arise with 'Blockchain' and to address that can we have separate community in the Stack Exchange network?

We do have a 'Bitcoin' community, can we make a Blockchain community in general?

If no, then please point me why we should avoid it?


Despite it's name, Bitcoin Stack Exchange accepts questions about alternative blockchains, i.e. blockchains other than the ones being used for cryptocurrencies. So there's no need for a separate new Area 51 proposal.

Example questions:

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Your question notes:

We do have a 'Bitcoin' community,

and asks:

can we make a Blockchain community in general?

You could go to the Meta of the Bitcoin Stack Exchange and try to convince that community to re-brand as the Blockchain Stack Exchange, but I suspect the path of least resistance will be to simply ask your Blockchain questions at the Bitcoin Stack Exchange where @Glorfindel's answer notes that they are already on-topic.

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