On Cooking, we just noticed that using the word "hamburgers" for a tag may feel forced in cases where "burger" would sound good. However, eight years ago somebody created a tag synonym in the other direction. Now it is impossible to use a tag , only . Apparently, they didn't notice the possible edge cases back then.

Is it possible now, after the fact, to somehow have the tag become and be the synonym? In general, is there such functionality available to moderators or high rep users? If not, can it be fixed manually if we ask for it?


Moderators (♦) have access to a utility to manage Tag Synonyms.

On a browser, that utility has all synonyms listed and a swap button to "swap synonym with master".

It appears when moderators mouse over that row in the list.

enter image description here

If you ask on your Meta, and the proposed swap appears to have consensus, then what you wish to do can be done easily by a moderator of your site.

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    Interesting, never knew about the swap feature and I was exploring that page on my iPhone, where it (of course) never appeared ... – Glorfindel Oct 19 '18 at 6:47

As a ♦ moderator, you can outright delete tag synonyms on the list page (/tags/synonyms), in your case https://cooking.stackexchange.com/tags/synonyms; it has a search function, and then synonymize the tags in the other direction.

High rep users can only approve (new) synonyms, not delete or swap them, not even when working together; also, in general, on most sites tag synonyms are hardly looked upon.

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